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How do I contact you?

I read all my E-Mails. Please send an E-Mail to

What is this Webpage for?

This webpage is being built with the intention to organize all sorts of information I have. I'm hoping to fill these pages with notes from lessons, researchs, and maybe some other extra-matricular interests of mine. For now, here's a list of the pages that I've thought of:

  1. Home: Brief explanation about the website
  2. CV: (NOT DONE) Curriculum Vitae, I will summarize my accomplishments and add in some general information about myself, so that it may be a useful source for my future employers or so...
  3. Projects: (NOT DONE) I will categorize the projects that I've worked on and explain them with detail. I will also provide links for the sources that I've used while building the project, and I will probably still keep most of the code on github.
  4. Calendar: (NOT DONE) This page will be like both a to-do list and a calendar, but I obviously won't write about all my plans in the future, I'll just share some of them.
  5. Miscellaneous: (NOT DONE) I will aggregate all the content that I didn't or couldn't categorize on this website.

Who are you?

Why is the color scheme so disturbing on this webpage?

I find that color scheme quite motivating myself.